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Guaranteed solutions for your troubled computer.
If I cannot make your PC work, you don't pay me.

" I  do my best to serve you. To God be the glory!"
                                                        -- khee hua
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   Welcome! My name is Hung Khee Hua. I started Ace Computer Services to provide computer servicing (pc servicing) and computer services to residents in and around Pasir Ris area. I noticed there are very few computer servicing outlets or pc technicians (never see their flyers- well there are some now in 2010 ) in my area and decided to help. Even the pc shop in Whitesands had closed down.

I do house visits. Now, you don't have to lug your pc to Sim Lim Sq or elsewhere anymore! (The most is to carry in to my place at Pasir Ris St 21 or I come to your place to bring it back. )  I hope to be given a chance to serve residents in Pasir Ris/Tampines/Bedok/Chai Chee/Kembangan/Ubi areas, and also generally east area. I also aim to help the small and medium businesses in Pasir Ris, Loyang and Changi areas.

Ace Computer Services is a sole proprietorship home office business. It officially started work on 19 Aug 2004. Business registration number: 53022432A.


I can assure you of my best service to you, our most valued customers. The rates will be reasonable and flexible. Generally it will range from $50 to $150 depending on the nature of service, the time to execute and so on. It could sometimes be less  :-)

A little about myself.

1    I am a member of Singapore Microcomputer Society since 1987:- member 0015/87. We have regular Friday meetings and the friendly, helpful members come from all walks of life. Please join us. Click on the logo Singapore Microcomputer Society logo for more information.

** Promotion for SMS members** Ace Computer Services will provide all SMS members 1 free computer servicing for 1 personal computer for the term of their 1 year membership. Kindly refer to SMS Announcement . **

2    I have been using personal computers since the IBM XT days and I have always fix and repair my own computers. I have fixed and repaired or maintained many computers for ex-colleagues, friends and relatives (mostly for free). I still do so. I like to help my friends. I have donated computers to poor students and I still will.

However, increasingly I cannot afford to provide free computer services or pc servicing since I have been given the golden handshake some time ago. So I wanted to turn my knowledge to work: enjoy helping others to overcome their computer woes and at the same time make a living out from it.. So I joined the training in Ace Technopreneur Program where I was intensively trained for 3 months. I had since graduated from this program in Sep 2004.

3    Believing in giving my best to my customers, and that knowledge will help me do that, I took on A+ and Network+ training in NTUC.. I passed both exams (A+, Network+) with scores above 90% :-) I still do a lot of reading and studying on my own.

4    I have a degree in mechanical engineering from Singapore University and I had been doing mech. engineering for 19 years before given the golden handshake by government in 1999.  I helped equipped NUH with its biomedical equipment from zero up and I helped maintained Government Hospitals and buildings. I had been involved in many mechanical and building projects.

5    I also passed the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) years ago.

6    I have worked in Prudential Insurance and SIA as temp staff installing Lotus Notes clients, installing their customized software, helping in their networking exercise and doing helpdesk work. I have also helped my brother's company to network all their 20 desktop computers including cabling, setting up their broadband internet access, raid harddisks and windows 2000 server for file sharing. Very satisfying experience indeed :-)

7    I am currently providing computer maintenance and pc servicing to a SME company: Kim Yew Electrical and Sanitary Pte Ltd. I have been providing this maintenance services and suport to them for close to 5 years. I may be entering into computer maintenance service contracts with a few other companies.

8    My hobby is photography. Some of my photos can be found at my other site.   I am also a long standing member of TheMinoltians. I have a photo gallery there. I can't help it if I have to mention my hobby. I like it very much :-)  I also sometimes take photos for my church weekly bulletin front cover. I also help take the baptism pictures.

Where I live?

REMEMBER, if you need any computer services, computer servicing,  pc servicing or regular contract pc maintenace, do call me. I will do my very best to help you! You never need to worry there is no qualified, reliable, responsive, responsible computer or pc support / services/ servicing in Pasir Ris, Tampines, Simei, Bedok, Chai Chee, Changi, Kallang, Geylang or East Coast (maybe Chinatown) ever again.

                                                                    Ace Computer Services
- reliable, responsive, responsible

                                                Block 222 Pasir Ris St 21
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                                                         Mobile:   97823157
                                                         Email :    kheehua @ AcesService . com

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